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Re: Interrupts and serial ports

dg@bingo.baynet.de wrote:

> 0setserial confused me to. But after all I've figuered out, that linux (on
> my machine) does NOT support 2 serials on the same interupt. What happens
> is, that they both are not useable. I have set the jumpers on my ... hmmm
> ... let me look ... AdLib ISA POWER 221 card (which has 2 serial, 2
> parallel and 1 game port) to have the two extra serials as /dev/ttyS2 and
> /dev/ttyS3 (COM3: and COM4:) with interupts 11 and 12. And I have edited
> the 0setserial file as shown below:
> - ---------------- /etc/rc.boot/0setserial ------- [snip] -----------------
> ...
> #
> # The typical user will only have 2 serial ports. To try and minimise
> # problems, all other configurations have been commented out!
> #
> ${SETSERIAL} -b /dev/ttyS2 ${AUTO_IRQ} skip_test autoconfig ${STD_FLAGS}
> ${SETSERIAL} -b /dev/ttyS3 ${AUTO_IRQ} skip_test autoconfig ${STD_FLAGS}
> ...
> - ---------------- /etc/rc.boot/0setserial ------- [snap] -----------------
> As you can see, I have taken the '#' out. That's all.

I have a Bo-unstable drop from about almost a year ago, and that comment
is not in there... thought I did get everything working just right for
my current setup, which is

ttyS0 - Modem
ttyS1 - PalmPilot (or whatever it's called now).

I just got a BestPower Fortress (needed it), and I would like to hook up
a serial laser printer and, if it works, leave it hooked up.

I'm not necessarily short on interrupts yet, but I figured it would be
interesting of the slower items could just share an interrupt.

Oh well...


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