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Re: Good Linux books??

On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Rick wrote:

> I am looking for some good books, that introduce linux and provide a good
> reference for the begginer, but will still be a usefull reference later on.
"Running Linux",  by Matt Walsh,  is the standard how-to-run linux book.
A debian developer has also written The Debian Linux User's Guide,
available from http://www.linuxpress.com/ 

Other than these,  it's generally best to just get a few standard books on
unix system administration.

> PS, I recently recived a spam mail (nothing unusual abou that!) but the
> signature text at the end was the same as the debian lists. Is this group
> moderated?, and if not, why not!
It's not for the simple reason that the volume of mail is way too high for
any one person to keep up with. :)


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