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Re: Fetchmail and Procmail. (Fixed pine)

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Ender Wigin wrote:

> Hi,
> BTW I fixed Pine to all those who might have the Mailbox Lock problem the
> solution is to "su -c chmod 1777 /tmp"
> Now for the problem ... I have procmail installed and I configured it with
> the .forward file as the mail-filtering FAQ sugjested ... to no avail ...
> I was wondering if some nice person who has Fetchmail getting the mail and
> Procmail sorting it could please explain how they did it ... and share
> what is in there .forward file ...(It seems to me that procmail never runs
> .... IE: I never see it in a top srceen ...) ...
> -Kevin.

Here's my .forward file...

"|IFS=' ' && exec /usr/bin/procmail -f- || exit 75 #witt"

If you've specified a LOGFILE in your .procmailrc, then you might be able
to examine that to pick any errors that are occuring.  You might also
write a very simple filter rule at first to ensure that procmail isn't
ditching your mail somewhere unknown.


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