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Re: multiple fs types for user floppy access?

On Thu, Jan 08, 1998 at 02:38:52PM -0600, hawk@eyry.econ.iastate.edu wrote:
> I currently have my floppy set up so that users can mount ms floppies with the 
> line
> /dev/fd0        /floppy         msdos           user,rw 0       0
> in /etc/fstab
> I tried changing "msdos" to "auto", but no dice.  Is there a change so that it 
> can automount both msdos and ext2 disks?

 What about having several mount points?

/dev/fd0        /floppy/fat         msdos           user,rw 0       0
/dev/fd0        /floppy/ext2        ext2            user,rw 0       0

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