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TCL "Treelink" program on Debian?

Has anyone ever gotten the TCL program "treelink" to run on their Debian
system? I'm having problems.

(Treelink creates PostScript-output hypergraphs of Web sites:
<http://aorta.tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de/~gaier/treelink/>. It requires

I downloaded the source and tried it on several machines, getting the same

$ wishx -f treelink-1.1.tcl.html 

Starting up TreeLink 1.1 by K. Gaier

unknown option "-foreground"
    while executing
        "scrollbar .y_scroll -orient vertical  -command "$w_canv yview"
	-background $treeli_priv(canv_bg)  -foreground $treeli_priv(canv_bg)
	-activeforeground ..."
	    invoked from within
	        "set scr [scrollbar .y_scroll -orient vertical  -command
"$w_canv yview"
-background $treeli_priv(canv_bg)  -foreground $treeli_priv(canv_bg)
-activef ..."
    (procedure "display_tree" line 54)
        invoked from within
	    (file "treelink-1.1.tcl.html" line 1048)

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