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Re: PPP not getting LCP

Bill Vinson <bvinson@rocketmail.com> writes:

> Guys I hope this isn't out of line but I am posting this little bit of
> my log file in hopes someone can help.  I asked about this earlier and
> I figured this might make it easier to diagnose...
> I've set up LCP-MAX-CONFIGURE up to 1000 and I still can't get logged
> in.
> Any help is appreciated, and I will talk off the list if anyone is
> willing to give more help...
> Thanks for everything,
> Bill

Your /etc/ppp.chatscript is too short.  Earthlink (at least in some
places) uses an actual login prompt, and asks for a password - try to
log in with minicom to check this.  Just modify the stock
/etc/ppp.chatscript - don't rip out the stuff below the connect line
(though you should wipe out the second '\q' in the password line).
pppd is trying to initiate a ppp connection with a machine that's
presenting a login prompt, not ppp stuff.

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