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works under Red Hat, not Debian

I have made myself an executable octave script called octave_test.mex and
made it executable with chmodand the #!/interpreterpath mechanism.  On
both Red Hat and Debian, typing ./octave_test.mex runs the script as
expected.  I made also a c code wrapper for this program, so as to obey
the letter of the law in one of my classes if not the spirit.  The wrapper
looks like this: 

#include <unistd.h>

                    (void *) 0);

It is called octave_wrapper.c and compiles via

  gcc -o octest octave_wrapper.c

to octest.  On the red hat systems we have at school, the executable works
fine and the executable octave script runs as expected.  I know the octave
binary is in a different place on Debian, but that error was reported when
I made it at school.  On my Debian system at home, nothing happens and the
prompt instantly reappears.  It is the same performance I get if the path
in the execl function is wrong, but I have checked and re-checked that,
moved it around, opened all permissions, and generally tried everyting I
can think of to make it go.  The code was ftp'd straight accross, and
anyway as you can see there isn't much code to miss errors in.  If anyone
has any idea why Debian would be doing this, I would appreciate it. 

I like six eggs when starting on a journey.  Fried - not poached.  And
mind you don't break 'em.  I won't eat a broken egg.  
                                              -- Thorin Oakenshield 

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