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Re: Something You Might Be Able to Use (possible flamebait)

 Before you go flaming jasperk@accessatlanta.com, note a few things:

 1. Spammers almost never really include a valid email address. All it 
does is draw flame mail, multi-megabyte mail bombs, etc, and spammers 
know it.

 2. The email was not sent from "accessatlanta.com". It apparently 
originated from "slip-32-100-6-17.ga.us.ibm.net" []. See the 
headers reproduced below.

 3. This proofreading service has posted an ad with obvious spelling, 
punctuation, and grammar errors.

 My current theory is that someone doesn't like Kenji Jasper. That 
someone wants *us* to not like Kenji, too, and send him lots of flames. 

 Just trying to reduce any bandwidth waste...


 Ray Ingles         (248) 377-7735      ray.ingles@fanucrobotics.com

  Modern deductive method: 1) Devise hypothesis. 2) Apply for grant.
  3) Perform experiments. 4) Revise hypothesis. 5) Backdate revised
                      hypothesis. 6) Publish.

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