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IP-Masq (was Re: ms exploer anyone?)

On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Mario Olimpio de Menezes wrote:

> > My list of things to do is:
> > 1. Get IP-Masqerading working properly
> what's your problem w/ ip-masq. My linux box works nice since (~Jan/97)
> with 3 net cards: 1 for the optical fibre from my gateway; 2 for the 
> internal lan, each w/ 15+ PC (Win, Linux, DOS), connected all the day.

Hi Mario.

Nothing specific yet as I only started dabbling with it yesterday. 
I suppose the main problem is keeping my wife off the net long enough on
her machine to test masq out properly :-)  We have been using Wingate
installed on her Win machine for a long time now.

I did a rush setup of Masq following the mini-HOWTO (v1.20) and managed to
get the Win95 box's browser and POPclient working fine. I also managed to
ping the outside world from the Win box through my machine but that is
where the success stopped.   

I wasn't able to get the Win box to retrieve news from my ISP but I
didn't give it too hard a try.  I think the real hassle will come when I
have to get the Win95 machine's ICQ working.

I suppose I will have to load specific modules manually as I read
somewhere that kerneld will not auto-load masq modules (true ?).  I will
be giving it another bash later tonight as I've just d/loaded and
installed kernel-source-2.0.32-2.0.32-3.deb so that may make things easier

My knowledge of modules and the loading of them is very brief at the

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