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Re: exmh questions

lee.bradshaw@mindspring.com (Lee Bradshaw) writes:

> Hi,
> I'm considering using exmh for my mail reader.  I want to filter mail
> into different folders and be able to see which folders have messages in
> them.  Suggestions of other mail readers with this feature would be
> welcome.
> However I'm currently having some problems.  exmh seems to deliver mail
> differently from other programs.  With elm and mail, I had modified my
> /etc/smail/transports file as follows:
> smtp:   driver=tcpsmtp, max_addrs=100, -max_chars, inet,
>         remove_header="From",
>         insert_header="From: lee.bradshaw@mindspring.com ($sender_name)";
>         use_bind, defer_no_connect, -local_mx_okay, defnames
> This doesn't affect mail sent from exmh.  In my log files I get a
> message similar to this when I send mail form exmh:
> Jan  6 10:06:54 freefall in.smtpd[3158]: connect from localhost
> I don't get this message from elm or mail.  How is exmh sending mail
> differently from the other mail programs?  Is there a way to modify
> smail to rewrite the headers for exmh as well?  I think smail should be
> responsible for putting a valid header on outgoing mail, but at the
> moment a way of modifying the "From" header within exmh would be a useful
> workaround.

The difference is that exmh is connecting to your machine to deliver
mail, instead of running a program (like smail -bS or something
similar).  This really shouldn't cause smail to treat the mail

Ah - I've discovered the problem.  The problem is in using the
sender_name variable.  When exmh sends mail, because of the way it
connects, there is no valid sender_name - therefore, the string
expansion fails, and the From header is never replaced.  Since smail
doesn't like to send out mail without a From: line, it uses its
default, which it takes from what exmh tells it.  One way around this
is to change the insert_header line to read:
  insert_header="From: lee.bradshaw@mindspring.com (${if def:sender_name {($sender_name)} {($sender)}}

Then make certain to set your "personal name" in exmh, or the name
used will be your username on your personal machine.

Another way around it is what I do, described in

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