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exmh questions


I'm considering using exmh for my mail reader.  I want to filter mail
into different folders and be able to see which folders have messages in
them.  Suggestions of other mail readers with this feature would be

However I'm currently having some problems.  exmh seems to deliver mail
differently from other programs.  With elm and mail, I had modified my
/etc/smail/transports file as follows:

smtp:   driver=tcpsmtp, max_addrs=100, -max_chars, inet,
        insert_header="From: lee.bradshaw@mindspring.com ($sender_name)";
        use_bind, defer_no_connect, -local_mx_okay, defnames

This doesn't affect mail sent from exmh.  In my log files I get a
message similar to this when I send mail form exmh:

Jan  6 10:06:54 freefall in.smtpd[3158]: connect from localhost

I don't get this message from elm or mail.  How is exmh sending mail
differently from the other mail programs?  Is there a way to modify
smail to rewrite the headers for exmh as well?  I think smail should be
responsible for putting a valid header on outgoing mail, but at the
moment a way of modifying the "From" header within exmh would be a useful

Lee Bradshaw                 lee.bradshaw@mindspring.com

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