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German CHIP Extra Magazine with GNI/Debian 1.3.1 CD-ROM


I've just picked up a copy of the latest issue of the German magazine
CHIP Extra (Issue 1/98), which comes with a CD-ROM containing Debian 1.3.1
and the Beta version of StarOffice 4.0 for Linux (They call it "stable",
but I could not check that -- at least not yet).
I usually don't read CHIP, but this issue is IMHO very well done, with a
lot of useful info for both novices and experts. The overall impression is
very good. Subjects covered range from "Why Linux?" to "Linux as a
Mail, News and Proxy Server" -- everything from a Debian
perspective, of course. 
Highly recommended to German-speaking Debians or would-be Debians.
The cost is DM 19.80. Some information, although mostly in German, can be
found at www.chip.de


P.S.: I have *no* connection of *any* kind with the publishers / editors
of CHIP. On the contrary, I steer clear of that publication because of the
generally poor-quality and mostly Windows-oriented contents.

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