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Re: scsi problems, ncr53x8xx and 2+ devices resets bus

Gerard, here's an update on that problem i was having a few weeks ago
with my ancient SOYO brand revision 1 NCR 53c810 card.

On Fri, 19 Dec 1997, Gerard Roudier wrote:

> Here are 2 driver messages from your report and what they let me think:
> > Dec 19 12:24:24 siva kernel: ncr53c810-0:0: ERROR (a0:0) (47-67-80) (8/33) @ script (628:0f000000). 
> > Dec 19 12:24:24 siva kernel: ncr53c810-0: script cmd = 60000040 
> DSTAT    = 0xa0 -> bit 0x20 means PCI BUS fault condition detected.
> DCMD/DBC = 0x0f000000      CLEAR ACK         (current SCRIPTS instruction)
> DSP points to 0x60000040   MOVE WHEN MSG_IN  (next    SCRIPTS instruction)
> The weird thing is that I did'nt find such a sequence of SCSI
> SCRIPTS instructions in the source. Such a sequence exists but with
> instructions in reverse order. The offset in the script (628) is near
> the SCSI reselection step, probably near the read of the IDENTIFY
> message.
> Even if your problem seems to be triggered by SCSI device
> configuration and/or load, the above lets me think that it is a
> real PCI bus problem.  You are using a very old 810 chip (rev. 1)
> on a recent system.  I donnot have access to any errata of so old
> chips, but my guess is that they probably suffer of bunches. Using
> such a old 810 chip with a recent host bridge is IMO not a very safe
> configuration.
> [...deleted...]
> I would be very interested in the result with a recent 810 chip
> version (>=0x12). (In case of you could borrow one).

I bought an ASUS SC-200 card, and it is working perfectly.  No errors,
no problems, just a perfectly working scsi system :-).

  Bus  0, device   8, function  0:
    SCSI storage controller: NCR 53c810 (rev 18).
      Medium devsel.  IRQ 15.  Master Capable.  Latency=64.  Min Gnt=8.Max Lat=64.
      I/O at 0x6100.
      Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xe0800000.

thanks for your help. it would never have occurred to me that an old PCI
card might be incompatible with a new PCI motherboard.


craig sanders

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