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Re: Yet Another libc5->libc6 question..

On Sun, 4 Jan 1998, Damir J. Naden wrote:

> I have spent last hour going thru the mailing list archives and still
> came out empty-handed:
> I have installed a base system froma the current base disks from hamm
> which point to the current bo disks. Those include libc5_5.4.33-6
> library. Next step was to try and upgrade to ldso_1.9.6-2.deb. No
> problem. Trying to upgrade to libc6_2.0.6-2.deb - with no success: it
> conflicts with any libc5 package less or equal to libc5_5.4.33-7. So, I
> downloaded libc5_5.4.38-0.1.deb from hamm/oldlibs, but dpkg-deb --info
> cmd tells me that this package depends on libc6_2.0.6.
> I use dpkg manually, no dselect as I'm more familiar with dpkg...Dpkg is
> from the current bo disks for i386 dist.
> So, which is the right order of upgrading?
> BTW, I downgraded to libc5_5.4.33-3 from Scott Ellis's ftp site in an
> attempt to make libc6 not conflicting with it - no success.

You'll need to install both libc5 and libc6 from hamm on the same dpkg
command line.  This will probably also require removing libc5-dev, as well
as any packages which depend on it.

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