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Pine, and Rxvt.


Got 2 questions ... When I start a Rxvt in my .xinitrc file like this:
rxvt -fg grey -bg black
it will come up fine but it will not run pico or clear the screen
'clear'. when I try and run pico I get the following error: "Terminals
database in inaccessable"
and typeing clear brings the responce of "'xterm-color': unknown terminal
type" ... (They seem to be related ...) How can I go about fixing this
... Oh- a rxvt-xpm will work fine.... 

Also when I start pine I get the following error warning "Can't open
mailbox lock, Access is READONLY" and "Folder Inbox is opened with 2
messages READONLY"

As part of being readonly I can't delete any of my old mail....

How can I fix these problems


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