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sliplogin problem

I have two Debian boxes connected with a nullmodem cable. 
The first unit is connected to my ISP using a modem and
ppp.  I want the second box to use the first as a gateway. 
sliplogin/slattach seems like what I want but I get the
following when I run sliplogin:

  attaching slip unit sl0 for Ssolo2
  /etc/slip.login sl0 115200 17944 Ssolo2 clark 0xffffff00
  ioctl (SIOCSIFENCAP): Invalid argument

I think SIOCSIFENCAP is trying to set the tty and failing.

I setup /etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/slip.hosts, and
/etc/slip.tty according to the Net-3-Howto so that sliplogin
is the login shell for the user Ssolo2.  I added Ssolo2 to
the dip group and the permissions on sliplogin are
"-rwsr-xr--   1 root     dip".

I have a getty running on ttyS0 and I'm using kermit in an
xterm on the client machine to get a login prompt from the
server.  I can login OK as a regular user but get the ioctl
error when I login as Ssolo2.  On the client side I get the
following messages then a pause and a new login prompt.

  Starting auto slip for Ssolo2
  Your IP address is, the server is clark

Any idea what's wrong or can anyone suggest a better way to
connect these machines without ethernet cards?  Is kermit
the right way to establish the connection?

BTW the server is running hamm and the client is running bo,
slip is compiled as a module on the both machines.


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