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Re: using news

G. Crimp wrote:
> The reader then goes and gets all the messages for those interesting groups.

Not normally. Typically, a reader doesn't download all articles in a group,
it just downloads a summary of the articles in the group (so it can display
a list of articles with the subject and the author, say). Then, it downloads
each article as you ask to see it, via NNTP. (Some readers can read directly
off the local news spool as well, bypassing the news server.)

> 	How am I doing so far ?  Assuming that this is OK, I
> press on to the questions arising out of the package 
> descriptions.  

Seemed ok, except for the above correction.

>       Is a news spool part of the reader's set up, or the    
> server's ?

The server's.

see shy jo

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