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Re: double escape

On Sat, Jan 03, 1998 at 12:52:55AM -0500, Gerald Wann wrote:
> Hi all -
> When i hit the Esc key twice on my Linux box - it asks
> "display all 482 options ? y/n" or something similar.
> When i say yes , it scrolls by a list of what i assume are
> command options at warp speed and i only catch the
> bottom screenfull.

This is auto completion. If you enter some letters, and then press <tab> (or
Esc in your case?), the shell tries to find a command that begins with this
letters. If the command is ambigous, it bells. If you press <tab> a second
time, it shows you a list withpossible completions. If there are too many,
it asks prior. If you enter no letters, you get all possible executables you
have in your path ;)
> How can i redirect this output into a text file?

Try the script command.

$ script
Script started, output file is typescript
$ <tab><tab>
$ <ctrl-d>
Script done, output file is typescript
$ less typescript

Or look in the directories in your path (usually bin dirs).

Thank you,

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