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Re: WinNT 4.0 + Debian Linux -- advice needed

On Fri, Jan 02, 1998 at 11:39:56AM +0000, Brian Skreeg wrote:
> > I know this type of question must have been asked before but I can't
> > find a real answer:
> > I've installed WinNT4.0 on /dev/sda (first, 540Mb SCSI drive) and Debian
> > Linux 1.3.1 on /dev/sdb (sdb5 for root thru sdb9 for home fs) in that
> > order. At the moment I use a floppy to boot linux...I would prefer to
> > put LILO onto the MBR of the first drive and put a stanza for WinNT4.0
> > in it. The catch: my NT has only ONE partition, covering whole 540 Mb of
> > the first disk, and it is formatted as NTFS. *No DOS partitions or FAT
> > ones whatsoever*
> > Will lilo.conf like this work for this (NTFS) partition:
> You can actually do it the other way instead and use the NT4.0 boot
> menu to load linux. http://www.windows-nt.com has an excellent
> HOWTO on this subject.

In that case you will still need to install LILO, but onto
your Linux partition instead (probably the root, sdb5, would be best).

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