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e2fsck problems/info

I had a lockup of my system (while running Netscape 4.04) which
required a hard reboot with the reset button.  When the system came up
it auto-fsck'ed disks except that it gave me an error message on two of
my large files partitions which told me that I needed to run fsck
manually (there was a mirror process going on in one of those partitions
at the time of the lockup).

   When running e2fsck manually I was informed that some blocks were
bad/duplicates and given an option to copy them with a default of
"y"es.  I figured that'd be a good default but after e2fsck finished I
ran it again and it reported still more errors.  On subsequent runs I
told it "n"o that I didn't want to copy the bad/duplicate blocks and had
the program delete the files.  After many multiple runs I still had
errors on the two partitions.  To make a long story short, I wound up
zapping the partitions and making a new file system on them.

   What I was wondering was, thinking about the next time something like
this happens, where I could find out some more information on e2fsck,
its error messages, and the various options and strategies of repairing
a file system.  Does anyone know of a resource of such information?  Any
tips would be greatly appreciated; thanks in advance.

 Regards,                 | Debian GNU/ __      o
 .                        |            / /     _  _  _  _  _ __  __
 Randy                    |           / /__  / / / \// //_// \ \/ /
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                          |      ...because lockups are for convicts...

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