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Re: menu in fvwm?

> Dear Maintainer,
> I tried asking this on debian-user but I didn't get any responses. 

That's very strange. Maybe debian-devel might have given you
more responces, but I would have thought debian-user would be able
to answer this one.
> Is it
> possible to get menu's from the menu package in fvwm?  


> I'd like to verify
> that packages correctly create their menu's (I'm in the Debian Testing
> Group), but I have not had any success in getting it to work with my
> window manager.  

The thing is to get a /etc/menu-methods/fvwm file. You can find an
example in /usr/doc/menu/examples/fvwm, or, if you use the "new"
menu version (1.3 or higher, I believe), you can try the one I've
included at the end of this message.

Oh, and due to some strangeness in fvwm, you also need to do 
  cp /usr/doc/menu/examples/system.fvwmrc /etc/X11/fvwm/system.fvwmrc

(I think the system.fvwmrc file in the examples dir is uptodate enough)

> If not, which managers are supported?

All window managers, except gwm are supported (that's quite a few
window managers that are supported). I should file a bug against fvwm
some day, as it seems to be one of the last window managers that 
still don't come with menu by default (or optional).

#I need menu-1!
#NOTE: the first line of this script _must_ be
# equal to "#!/usr/sbin/install-menu", otherwise update-menus
# will feed this script old-compat-mode data.
#More info: /usr/doc/menu/README.
  fvwmmodule="  Exec    \"" $title "\"      " $command "\n"
  wm=        "  Restart \"" $title "\"      " $command "\n"
  x11fvwm=  "  Exec    \"" $title "\" exec " $command "\n"
  x11=       "  Exec    \"" $title "\" exec " $command "\n"
  text=      "  Exec    \"" $title "\" exec   /usr/bin/X11/xterm -T \""\
              $title "\" -e " $command "&\n"
startmenu=   "PopUp \"" $section "\"\n"
endmenu=     "EndPopUp\n"
submenutitle="  Popup \"" $title cond_surr($icon,"%","%") "\""\
              $section "\n"
genmenu=      "menudefs.hook"
rcfile=       "system.fvwmrc"

joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org

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