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Re: Help with Mail Questions...

kc5vxy@juno.com (Kevin J Poorman) writes:

> Hi,
> I would Like to set up My computer to be able to send and recive
> mail (with a twist)... I would like to be able to upload and
> download mail only once a day ... (around 2 in the morning) so my
> mail would proably have to be up/downloaded to a local mail spool ?
> .. Is this Even Possible? ... I know How to use pine so I would like
> to use that as a reader/composer ... what would I need to install to
> read/compose mail off line and then send it in the middle of the
> night... Any help is appreciated...

Sending mail offline:

- install the smail package
- configure as internet host system (*don't* use satellite system)
  with smarthost (if you want to use it)
- your mails will automatically be queue if you're offline (use mailq
  to look into the queue)
- if you go online run the runq command to tell smail to send its queue

Reveiving mail from pop account:

- install the fetchmail package
- run fetchmail while being online, fetchmail will delivers new mail
  messages to your local mailbox (/var/spool/mail/$LOGNAME)


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