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RE: Help with Mail Questions...

On 31-Dec-97 Kevin J Poorman wrote:
>I would Like to set up My computer to be able to send and recive mail
>(with a twist)... I would like to be able to upload and download mail
>only once a day ... (around 2 in the morning) so my mail would proably
>have to be up/downloaded to a local mail spool ? .. Is this Even
>Possible? ... 

Sure it's possible - there are probably several ways to get it done.
The way I'd do it (old hacker that I am) is by using uucp. I've been
a sysadm in the past (when uucp was the only way to do it) and I'm sure
I'd have it working quickly.  I'd have trouble describing the steps to 
you via e-mail, though - and I'm sure there are modern ways of doing 
this that someone will share.  If not, dselect the uucp package, do a
man uucp, and start an off-line e-mail dialog with me - we'll make it
happen.  BTW, if the machine which supplies your mail connection is
non-unix/linux/solaris/hpux I'm afraid uucp won't work for you.

> I know How to use pine so I would like to use that as a
>reader/composer ... what would I need to install to read/compose mail off
>line and then send it in the middle of the night... Any help is
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TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THIS MAILING LIST: e-mail the word "unsubscribe" to
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Trouble?  e-mail to templin@bucknell.edu .

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