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X and text consoles - switching back & forth?

I once saw someone (running Red Hat) who had an X session going on one
console, and text sessions (or if he wanted, he could run additional X
sessions) on the others.  He switched using Ctrl-Alt-F<n> (1<=n<=6).

When I try this, I can switch just fine from X to text, but not back
again.  If I run X on console 1, and then press Ctrl-Alt-F2, it works,
but when I try to switch back with Ctrl-Alt-F1 (or just Alt-F1) I get
a text screen showing the output of xinit, and can find no way to get
back into Xwindows.

Does anyone here know how to make this work?  I've seen it working,
although it was on a Red Hat system, so I know it's at least
theoretically possible.


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