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Re: gimp and libXm.so.2

> ?? I thought that lesstif was supposed to do the same things Motif does.
> Could I make a symbolic link from libXm.so.2 --> libXm.so.0 ?


Well, of course you can make this link, but it won't work anyway :)
Lesstif is _FAR_ from being drop-in replacement for Motif.
The most you can do with Lesstif is try to recompile and link the code
written for Motif _1.2_ (NOT 2.0) with Lesstif and see what happens.
It works in some cases. These cases are usually packaged for Debian main
distribution. If it doesn't work, then they packaged for Debian contrib
(or non-free) part. In this case package usually called *-dmotif or
*-smotif. If you have Motif 2.0 libraries installed on your machine,
use -dmotif package (dynamically linked), -smotif otherwise.

Alex Y.

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