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Re: Help with Mail Questions...

On Wed, 31 Dec 1997, Kevin J Poorman wrote:

> Hi,
> I would Like to set up My computer to be able to send and recive mail
> (with a twist)... I would like to be able to upload and download mail
> only once a day ... (around 2 in the morning) so my mail would proably
> have to be up/downloaded to a local mail spool ? .. Is this Even
> Possible? ... I know How to use pine so I would like to use that as a
> reader/composer ... what would I need to install to read/compose mail off
> line and then send it in the middle of the night... Any help is
> appreciated...

You could set up pine to use "localhost" as the smtp server and then have
a cron job make the appropriate connection to your mail host and get the
mail with fetchmail.  When the connection is made, smail (or sendmail)
should then be able to connect with the smtp server at your mail host and
send any queued messages (assuming the mail host isn't reachable until
you cause a connection to be made, like a ppp dial-up, etc).  


Bob Nielsen                 Internet: nielsen@primenet.com
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