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Re:PPP Connection Works, Can't Surf...

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At 11:56 -0600 on 12/31/97, G. H. wrote:

> >I had this problem and solved it by compiling the kernel with the
> >CONFIG_IP_FORWARD option turned on.
> I'm about ready to snap on this Linux crap!  I've run into more and more
> walls with this thing...
> How does one go about compiling the Kernel??
> I don't have any of the source...  Where can I find the steps to do
> this?
> Is it possible to hexedit the kernel for the desired effect?

Hey, Linux is a real operating system with lots of options.  When you step
out on the edge, you have to start reading and hacking.  That's what adds
spice to life :-)

Use "dselect" and install the kernel source to match the kernel you are
running.  It is 6MB+ so it will take some time to download.

There is a document in /usr/doc/HOWTO that tells you how to compile the kernel.

Hexedit is *NOT* possible because the IP_FORWARD option adds 5K to the
kernel size.


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