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Telnet translation modes...

I'm not sure if this is a Linux problem, or common to telnet in
general. I haven't run into it until installing Debian though, so
here it is:

Telnet has two modes, linemode, and charactermode. It defaults to
linemode if the other side will handle it. This cooks some characters
and does some extra signalling. It appears that in this mode, hitting 
the Return key sends a ^M. That's normally not a problem, but I've 
found that some programs (mutt, and trn in the article selector) 
don't recognize this key, preferring ^J instead.

I have found two workarounds for this:

  - Change the bindings on the software to recognize ^M as a synonym
    for ^J.
  - Manually escape to a telnet prompt after connecting and do
    a 'mode char'. In this mode, hitting <return> sends a ^J. I can't 
    put it into the .telnetrc though, since that's read up front, and 
    the linemode is negotiated afterward.

I'd like to just tell telnet to use ^J all the time.


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