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sendmail relay against spam on debian

	I have two Debian boxes that sit on my Network.  The network is host to
about 100 domains.  Along with acting as the DNS for the network, the two
boxes also act as MX relay for all of the domains.  The problem is someone
out there found my boxes and used them to dump spam.
	Have disabled the  relay feature, but this is causing problems for my
domain users.  I would like to reinstate this feature, but want to limit
who these boxes sendmail to.  I want to me able to relay mail to all of my
domains, but not to relay mail to anyone else.  But I do wish to accept
mail from the universe, to relay to my domains.
	I have read the information about configuring sendmail, spam and all that
other stuff.  I must say that my head is spinning.  Has anyone else out
there resolved this problem, and would be willing to hold my hand while I
institute it on my two debian boxes?  Thanks,


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