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HELP: TkDesk problem

This fledgling user would like help. I fired up TkDesk in my new install of
Debian 1.3.1 and loved it.
Then I decided to add one new command to the Command list drop-down menu,
following the instructions in configuration. I typed in the new command in
Commands config and hit F5 to save and return to TkDesk. The new command
was not there. I exited TkDesk and then invoked it again from the xterm.
This time, after the TkDesk loading sequence, I was bounced back to the
xterm. I then edited the Commands file in .tkdesk, removing the command
line I had introduced. This time, on invoking TkDesk from xterm, I got the

Xlib:connection to "0.0" refused by server
Xlib: Invalid MIT-MAAGIC-COOKIE-1 key
application-specific initialization failed: couldn't
connect to display "0.0"
invalid command name "wm"
   while execcuting
"wm withdraw ."
(file "/usr/bin/.tkdesk line 36)

I would like, at least, to get back vanilla TkDesk. Have I lost it for
Further, I would like to know how to config TkDesk without getting into
this trouble.

Any help much appreciated.

Albert Hurd

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