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Setting up gs and magicfilter

I'm trying to set up an NEC SuperScript 100 inkjet printer under
Debian Linux.  (Kernel 2.0.29, but mostly off the 1.3.1 CD-ROM.)  I'm
using magicfilter 1.2.10 and LPRng 3.2.1-1.  Since I haven't found
specific support for the NEC color printers, I'm using it in DeskJet
500 emulation mode.

It works fine printing plain text files, but when I try to print from
any application, I get errors, primarily this one:

	Error:  /undefineresource in true
		Operand stack:
			false	--dict:4/4--

After the word "Execution" it stairsteps right off the edge of the

I get that if I try to print from an application (Netscape Navigator
4.03).  If I lp a postscript file (in this case, check.ps from the gs
examples) I get 

	Error:  /undefinedfilename in --file--
		Operand stack:
				(cheq.ps)	(r)

On the third hand, if I lp the coverpage example from mgetty, I get an
error message (just the word "Execution" against the right margin of
the page), then a printout of the entire .ps file as an ascii text

Okay, I'm puzzled.  I'm a computer programmer by profession.  I have
set up servers and clients using four or five network protocols under
five or six operating systems.  I cannot, in a reasonable time, figure
out how Linux printing works.  Man, this is obtuse, obscure, and odd.

I will be very grateful for any help.  If a technical expert will work
with me, I'll even be glad to help write an understandable document on
how to do this.  (I have also written a manual or two.)
Carl Fink		carlf@dm.net
Manager, Dueling Modems Computer Forum

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