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Re: libc info

> I've just been browsing the GNU site trying to find out what the
> differences in the C libraries are and i could find no mention of
> libc5, libc6 or glibc.

My understanding isn't complete, and may in fact be downright wrong, but I
believe that libc6 is the second GNU libc and that libc4 (the old a.out
system) was the first one.  The migration away from the GNU libc (to libc5
which was ELF) I don't know the reasons for but presumably was becase
this other libc was more fully developed at the time.

> Is libc6 just another way of saying glibc?

Yep.  Debian is calling it libc6, RedHat is calling it glibc (GNU libc).
I don't know what the offical name is amoung linux users is.

> If you can refer me to any site/doc to satisfy my curiosity, please do
> so.

The Free Software Foundation's web site is probably as good a place as any
to start.  Try here:


Hope this helps,


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