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Re: Linux w/AWE 64 and Cyrix 6x86 CPU

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From: Randy Edwards +ADw-redwards+AEA-together.net+AD4-
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Date: Monday, December 22, 1997 8:19 PM
Subject: Linux w/AWE 64 and Cyrix 6x86 CPU

+AD4-I'm planning on setting up a Soundblaster AWE 64 under Linux.  I also
+AD4-plan on using this in a Cyrix system and have heard that the AWE 64 and
+AD4-Cyrix CPUs don't get along well.  What I was wondering is if anyone has
+AD4-any words of advice before I start playing with this combination? 
+AD4-Thanks in advance.

This is only for windows systems.  On the AWE64, it only has 32-hardware voices.  The upper 32 are done in software.  This software checks for a pentium on installation, and that is why cyrix chips don't supposedly work.  In linux, that is not a problem, however.  I ran a Cyrix-120(ov 133) with an AWE64 with no problems.

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