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Re: Installing the kernel

=?UNKNOWN?Q?=C0lex?= Maneu wrote:
> Hello.
> I have to install the kernel from a "kernel CD"
> of the official CD set of Debian GNU 1.3.1 distribution.
> How do I do it? I have to install it to recompile it
> to support my soundcard. Any suggestions?
> Have a Nice Christmas!

>From the binary CD (1.3 1 is the label on mine) install one of the
two kernel-source packages ( I use 2.0.29, some concerns have been
expressed about 2.0.30.  I do not know what they are.)  Make life
easier for yourself and install the kernel-package.  This package
helps a lot in making a custom kernel.  Read its README file in
/usr/doc/kernel-package after installing to see what else to do.

Good Luck!

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