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Re: Tip: how to speed up XEmacs start

On Thu, Dec 18, 1997 at 10:00:58PM +0200, Heikki Vatiainen wrote:
> Hi,
> If you are in a hurry do
>     touch /tmp/.sockets/audio0
> otherwise read on :)
> I was qurious about what makes XEmacs so slow at startup. With the help of 
> the strace(1) utility I found the following interesting behaviour of 
> XEmacs19. The XEmacs I am using is version 19.16-1 which comes with the 
> unstable distribution.
> When XEmacs starts up it creates a UNIX domain socket and tries to connect it 
> to /tmp/.sockets/audio0. If this special file does not exist (ENOENT is 
> returned) it does nanosleep(2) five times and sleeps about 1 second each 
> time. Only after nanosleeping it will continue loading.
> If a plain file named /tmp/.sockets/audio0 is created XEmacs gets 
> ECONNREFUSED as return value and goes on without nanosleeping or retrying. 
> This speeds up the startup time for about five seconds on my machine. 
> /usr/bin/time reports the time going from about 8.7 to 3.7 seconds.
> I hope you find this tip useful,

Wow!  I must have a slower machine, but it reduced the time from 20 to 15
seconds. I ran xemacs four times with the file (28s,18s,15s,15s), then removed
the file (20s,20s).

This is probably worth forwarding upstream so that Xemacs (or the particular
.el) can include this speedup.



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