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Dselect stops and repeats unpacking of packages

     While testing the upgrading of rex to hamm I have discovered
several problems or possible bugs.  I will post each of these as
separate messages, and ask if anyone else has encountered them, and if
they should be reported as bugs.

     During the installation, dselect stopped with the following

"dpkg: too many errors, stopping", followed by a list of packages that
had installation errors.

     The errors dselect complained about were primarily dependency
problems related to the package ordering.  These are routine in
dselect, and I have never before seen dselect stop because of them.

     After (I)nstall was re-started, it displayed the usual message
"Running dpkg -iGROEB", but it acted as if the -E option was not in
effect in many cases.  There were 218 instances similar to the

"Preparing to replace smail (using
.../mail/smail_3.2.0.92-1.deb) ..
Unpacking replacement smail ..."

and 81 instances similar to the following:

"Version 5.004.04-3 of perl already installed, skipping."

     Although the packages were unpacked a second time in 218
instances, none of the questions regarding keeping or replacing
confiles were repeated this time.
     This unnecessary copying files from the archive and unpacking
them was not harmful, but wasted a lot of time.

     I have never before seen this behavior from dselect.  Is it a new
feature, or is it a bug?  


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