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Re:tar: Skipping to next header file

On 19-Dec-97 Butch Kemper wrote:
>At 08:19 -0600 on 12/19/97, Aaron Walker wrote:
>> I am trying to unpack the newest kernel source in /usr/src.  It goes
>> along fine until it stops and says:
>The message from gzip makes me think the file was not downloaded as a
>"binary" file but as a text file.  I would suggest trying the download
>again and explicitly specify the "binary" option.

I just got bit by this - I'd been spoiled by ncftp which defaults to binary
mode and had to use plain ftp to upload my web page to my ISPs NT box. A .gif
that I uploaded broke, and drove me crazy trying to figure out why. Failing
to set binary was why.
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Trouble?  e-mail to templin@bucknell.edu .

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