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tar: Skipping to next header file

I am trying to unpack the newest kernel source in /usr/src.  It goes
along fine until it stops and says:

tar: Skipping to next header file

gzip: linux-2.0.33.tgz: invalid compressed data---crc error
tar: Archive - EOF not on block boundary

I used the following commands to try to uncompress the kernel source:
gzip -dc linux-2.0.33.tgz | tar xvB
tar xpvf linux-2.0.33.tgz
They both produced the same error.
Any ideas? Please help.

Aaron Walker

      Site: http://www.iconmedia.com
      Email: aaron@iconmedia.com

      Site: http://www.iconmedia.com/aaron
      Email: amwalker@mediaone.net

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