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Re: disturbing problem rears its ugly head again

On Thu, 18 Dec 1997 AJT60@student.canterbury.ac.nz wrote:

> I've had this problem before after I unwisely used vi to read a core file.

try using less to view files rather than vi/view. it makes a much better
pager and doesn't have to read the entire file into memory to view it.

> vi (i.e. elvis) prints out "skipping session file X" where X is a number
> from one to seven, and then it says "no such session" or somesuch, exits,
> and causes bash to no longer print out user input or start new lines. Fvwm
> puts white borders around everything and none of the usual mouse commands
> work. 

i can't help with the vi problem (except to suggest that you try vim
instead of elvis - vim is much better), but the weird tty mode should be
fixable by typing 'stty sane'. that will put your tty back into a sane

what's happening is that elvis is putting the tty into raw mode.
normally it will restore the tty settings when it exits, but doesn't
get a chance to do that when it crashes. it's a problem common to many
programs, not just vi...so knowing about 'stty sane' is useful :-).

> curiously enough, both programs work fine under root, but not under a
> new user. I've reinstalled both packages to no avail.

> I installed fvwm95 which works fine but I don't like it. Help!

there are several other window managers available - fmwm, fvwm2, afterstep
and some others i haven't even tried yet....maybe one of them will appeal to


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