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disturbing problem rears its ugly head again

I've had this problem before after I unwisely used vi to read a core file.
Last time it went away by itself, now it's back and it's lasted longer. 

vi (i.e. elvis) prints out "skipping session file X" where X is a number
from one to seven, and then it says "no such session" or somesuch, exits,
and causes bash to no longer print out user input or start new lines. Fvwm
puts white borders around everything and none of the usual mouse commands

curiously enough, both programs work fine under root, but not under a new
user. I've reinstalled both packages to no avail. I installed fvwm95 which
works fine but I don't like it. Help! 

Andrew Tarr

"God put me on this Earth to accomplish a certain number of things. 
     Right now, I am so far behind I shall never die.    "

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