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which fm to rt on apache and access?

I'm sure there's a simple answer somewhere to this, but after scouring the 
spots I could think of, I can't find it.

Access to eyry.econ.iastate.edu is no problem; it happily brings up the 
default page.

I then created /home/hawk/www, copied the index.html to it, and created a 
symlink from /var/www/hawk to it.  The first yields


You don't have permission to access /hawk on this server.

even from the machine itself, while  eryy.econ.iastate.edu/home/~hawk yields

Not Found

The requested URL /~hawk was not found on this server.

>From rtfming around, it would seem that i should be editing 
/etc/apache/access.conf.  However, it already contains

# Controls who can get stuff from this server.
order allow,deny
allow from all                                               


help! :)

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