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Re: X-windows

> hey all, 
> i have tried several things to get x-windows up and running, but it
> enver works. Can someone please give me step by step directions right
> from the start of how i can do this, even if i have to reinstall linux?
> I've done everything i thought i was supposed to, but it can never find
> an X-server (how do i configure that?)

Please always give more detailed description of what you already tried.
Usually only small correction would be needed.
In any case, did you install linux? IS it working OK?
1) If that's the case then first step would be to find out what video card
are you using and what X server has a driver for your card. 
Check out http://www.xfree86.org to find that out.
2) DOwnload and install the following packages: xbase, xfnt75,
xserver-vga16 (while installing this, say "no" to the question whether you
want to configure it) AND xserver-???? - the one suitable for your card.
Say "yes" for the question thet you want it to be a default X server and
"yes" that you want to configure it now. The installation program
will ask a couple of questions. After the install try "startx".
3) if it works -fine. If doesn't (most probably) - fire up
XF86Setup configuration utility. It is *very* good. You may need to
go through it several times to get fully aquainted and check all the
appropriate boxes for your hardware. AS a final step, this utility
starts chosen X-server (the one suitable for your card) so you can see
whether it works or not.

Alex Y.
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