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Re: Making a debian CD

On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> : 	export MANOPT=-Pless
> Is there an advantage to this way, as opposed to setting PAGER to
> /usr/bin/less ?

no, not really.  i do this only because if i set PAGER, then elm will use
$PAGER instead of it's built-in viewer.  since i don't use elm anymore, i
should break the habit i suppose :-)

man is about the only program i use which i want to use less - at all
other times i just run (or pipe into) less at the command line.

(reminds me of my wish-list for less - i wish it would enter a file
browser mode if you run it with no arguments. i can't stand mc or any
of those supposedly easy-to-use menu shells, but a simple pick-list of
available files would be useful).

> : 	eval ($lesspipe)
> Minor nitpick:  that should read "eval $(lesspipe)", shouldn't it?

correct.  i mis-typed it.


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