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Re: radio link

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Wiria A Kusuma wrote:

> hello all, 
> I am setting up new a local isp for dial-up access in Indonesia, and
> considering radio link to my upstream provider which is about 0.5 mile
> away from my place, will debian linux capable doing radio connection?
> My questions are:
> 1. what is the maximum bandwith available with radio link?
> 2. At what frequency should I tune to obtain the optimum perfomance?
>    considering noises and loses.
> 3  what software/hardware to convert the analog signal?
> 4. where should I seek to obtain more info about these?

The WaveLAN products are supported in Linux.  See www.wavelan.com for more
information.  They have a model which uses an external antenna and claim
30 km range and 2 Mbit/sec data rates.

Bob Nielsen                 Internet: nielsen@primenet.com
Tucson, AZ                  AMPRnet:  w6swe@w6swe.ampr.org

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