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Re: ksmbfs

Eloy A. Paris wrote:

> >Who is changing the kernel driver and not keeping the userland utilities
> >up to date? Unfortunately this happens all too often with Linux.
> I think it is Bill Hawes. I know he has been dealing with the userland
> utilities but development is so fast that is hard to keep them up to date.

Yes, I've been working on getting the 2.1.xx smbfs in shape. It's
working quite well now.

> Yup, I upgraded from smbfs-2.0.1 to smbfs-2.0.2, the latest smbfs package
> from Volcker Lendecke. However, 2.0.2 will only work with kernels 2.0.x. I
> don't know who and when will upgrade the upstream smbfs package to work
> with 2.1.x kernels.
> I've heard that patches exist for both smbmount and smbclient (from the
> Samba package). I really don't know why the patches are needed for smbclient.

The 2.1.xx smbfs was changed to use smbclient to handle the connection
negotiation, as smbclient already handles this very well, and most
people interested in smbfs likely have Samba already installed. See the
smbfs.txt file in kernel Documentation for details.


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