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Re: Partitioning

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From: Gertjan Klein <gklein@xs4all.nl>
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Date: Friday, December 12, 1997 6:39 PM
Subject: Re: Partitioning

>  I doubt if you've spend as much time partitioning as I have developing
>my boot manager ;-)  I have very little experience with NT, but I know
>for a fact that Windows '95 does _not_ require to be installed to the
>first primary partition of a harddisk - on my harddisk, it is installed
>on the fourth. The requirements are:
> - It must be installed on the first harddisk.  This requirement goes
>for both DOS and W95; for DOS 6.22 and 7.0 (the DOS part of W95) there
>is a workaround if there are no primary DOS partitions on the first
> - The active flag must be set to the booted partition.  If W95 is
>booted from the fourth partition, but the active flag is set to the
>first, it will hang.

Not true.  Look below.  All cut and pasted from Win95.

Disk   Drv   Mbytes   Free   Usage
  1           2012            100%
        C:     500
                30 <------------------Linux Swap
                16 <------------------Linux Root
        E:     500
        F:     500
               469 <----------------\
  2           1211            100% |
        D:     500                 + These are mirrored(raid0)
        G:     203                 | to form everything else.
               494 <---------------+
  3            203 <----------100%-/

Current fixed disk drive: 1
Partition  Status   Type    Volume Label  Mbytes   System   Usage
 C: 1              PRI DOS                  500   FAT16       25%
    2         A    EXT DOS                 1514               75%

Current fixed disk drive: 2
Partition  Status   Type    Volume Label  Mbytes   System   Usage
 D: 1              PRI DOS                  500   FAT16       41%
    2              Non-DOS                   16                1%
    3              EXT DOS                  697               58%

Current fixed disk drive: 3
Partition  Status   Type    Volume Label  Mbytes   System   Usage
    1              Non-DOS                  203              100%

My setup has the extended partition on the first drive active, which loads LILO,
and allows be to boot Win95, one of several Linux kernels, or(and this is
special) boot up off floppy.  Yes, I type in "floppy" at "LILO: ", and it
started to read A:.  That way, I can turn off booting to disk A in the bios, but
still have the capability.

BTW, I use Win95 mostly for games.  It is also my mail store(75+megs currently),
and I don't know of a program that can read Outlook Express mail files.

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