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Re: Stupid mirror question.

Thanks, I am aware of -T option but it takes an extra run to switch
between mirrors. My guess is that the problem stems from timezones
somehow. I'm wondering if it is possible to make mirror always work in
UTC and forget about the existence of timezones altogether.

On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Timothy Phan wrote:
> Hi Alexsander,
>   NO.  This was my previous stupid question! :)
>   I do not know why.  But someone has suggested to do a
>     'mirror -T ....'
>   whenever you switch sites the way you did.  The -T simply
>   sync up the time/date stamp with the new site.
>   After than you can start the 'mirror' with the new site
>   again.
> Alexander Stavitsky wrote:
> :
> :
> :Sorry for asking stupid questions on the list but I was unable/too lazy
> :to figure this out:
> :
> :I mirror debian site at school (lets call it site A). I also mirror it at
> :home(site B).
> :Sometimes I point my home mirror to school site(A), sometimes to official
> :mirrors(O). Very often then the mirror at home triesto re-get the current
> :files because the timestamps are somehow screwed. All mirrors I run with
> :"get_newer=true". So why the timestamps on site A and site(s) O do not
> :agree even though site A is a mirror of site O.
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