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Re: Making a debian CD

On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Carlos Barros wrote:

> And Other thing is that by default 'less' use as editor other than
> 'vi' (I think that 'vi' is the standart editor in unix), may be 'ae'(
> don't remember).

yes, this is very annoying, isn't it. because of some debian policies
(which do make some sense even if they are inconvenient at times -
although i still think that it is braindead for vipw and visudo and the
v key in less to call any editor other than vi), the only convenient way
to fix this is to edit /etc/profile and add the lines:

	export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi

while you're doing that, you may as well as add the following as well.
man is a lot more usable when the pager is less.

	export MANOPT=-Pless

if you're running a recent version of less (i.e. from hamm) then you
can set up less so that it automatically detects various file types
(e.g. gzipped files and tar files etc) and pre-processes them before
displaying them.  Add the following to /etc/profile:

	eval ($lesspipe)

earlier versions of less required you to write your own script and set the
LESSOPEN and/or LESSCLOSE variables yourself.  see the less documentation
for details. 

these instructions only work for sh-like shells (bash, zsh, ksh).  if you
use csh or tcsh then you'll have to modify them to work with csh.  i think
you use /etc/cshrc instead of /etc/profile and 'setenv' rather than
'export' or something like that. 

BTW, this belongs on debian-user, not on debian-admintool.


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