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Re: Not exactley concerning debian

On Sun, 14 Dec 1997, Bob Mills wrote:

> I want to set up my computer to run Debian in 1 partion and have win95
> in another.  I have no idea how to go about this or if it can be done.
No problem ;-)

You will have to install '95 on the first primary partition. Don't let the
install make the partition as it will glomm onto the whole drive if you
let it. Use a DOS rescue disk to make your first primary partition. Then
install windows on that partition.
Don't use dos fdisk to make the other partitions, as they will not work
for Linux. You will need a rescue disk, a drivers disk and 5 base disks,
plus one blank disk to do the base install without a CD-ROM. The
installation will lead you through the process of creating partitions and
populating them with your new Debian GNU/Linux system. For additional help
(be sure to also read the installation noted in the disks-i386 directory)
you might check out my new book "The Debian User's Guide". You can
download the html version of the book for free, or you can order the hard 
copy of the book (which comes with 3 CDs and tech support). Check out
www.linuxpress.com. There is a discussion about partitioning in the book 
as well as many other things you need to know to install Debian on your


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