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Re: some dselect questions

Michael Stutz <stutz@dsl.org> writes:
MS> Is it possible to view unstable packages with dselect? The Packages file
MS> never seems to be available.

If you're using dftp, tell it to look at hamm/non-free, hamm/contrib,
and hamm/hamm.  (I've found that the order matters a lot, and putting
hamm/hamm first makes other things slower.)  But, before you do that...

MS> This leads to a question I have about libraries.

MS> Among the dependencies listed was xlib6g and a few other
MS> "unstable" packages that didn't appear in dselect. The idea of
MS> replacing the libraries on my main box with unstable libc6, xlib6g
MS> and xpm4g scared me, and so I decided not to install it. Would
MS> this have broken my system?

hamm is largely built on version 2 of the GNU C library (or version 6
of the Linux C library, your choice).  The upgrade from libc5 to libc6 
is a major one; you should read the mini-HOWTO on the subject before
you do this.

If you are going to be moving over to libc6, follow the instructions
in the HOWTO before putting hamm/* into dselect.  perl breaking kind
of tends to screw up most of the other stuff dpkg does, which is just
not fun for trying to fix things up.

MS> Furthermore, are these libs at all close to being moved over to
MS> stable?

At some point they will _become_ stable as the Debian 2.0 release.
This is really the only fair way to ask bo users to upgrade to libc6.

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